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Directorate of Town & Country Planning
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The year 1955 can be stated as beginning of Town & Country Planning (T & CP) in Assam, when Assam Government initiated Planning of a township for Palasbari in Kamrup District by creating Town & Country Planning Cell under Public Works Department, Assam. Subsequently Government entrusted T & CP to prepare Master Plan for Guwahati and Tinsukia which were taken up particularly with emphasis on Planning in Urban Centre during Five year Plan periods with Central Assistance.

Later, the Assam Government created a full-fledged Directorate under Town & Country Planning Department. The Department was entrusted with Preparation of Master Plan for Temporary Capital of Assam at Dispur in 1972 and successfully completed the project. In collaboration with the Calcutta Metropolitan Planning Organization, the T & CP organization took up the Preparation of Master Plan for Water Supply, Drainage & Sewerage for Greater Guwahati in 1969 which was approved by Town & Country Planning Advisory Council in 1972. Today, Town & Country Planning, Assam facilitates the urban development of 88 notified towns of Assam (excluding Guwahati city).

The prime function of this Directorate is to prepare Master Plan for Urban areas under Town & Country Planning Act, 1959 (as amended). Master Plan is a legal document for the development of Urban Areas prepared to a specific time period. The validity of Master Plan is for a specific period and after expiry of the period it needs revision and modification. In accordance with provision of Assam Town & Country Planning Act, 1959 (as amended), Development Authorities are constituted by the Assam Government. The main function of the Development Authorities is enforcement of proposed Master Plan and implementation of Zoning Regulations and to take up development works.

Urbanisation Scenario in Assam

Assam has the largest urban population of 4.3 million (Census 2011) amongst the North-eastern States. Guwahati has about 0.9 million urban population, while the other large cities of the state are Nagaon (population 116,355), Dibrugarh (population 138,661) and Silchar (population 172,709). This indicates that Assam has a very well distributed urban population across the state. The state's level of urbanization is 14 per cent in the Census 2011, which is a 1.2 percentage point increase over the Census 2001 urbanization level of 12.9 per cent (Census of India, 2011).